Lollipop Row (above)

Ladybugs (below)


Fence (above)

Bowling Ball House (below) 


Peace (above)

Croquet Set (below) 

Bowling Ball Man - Photo by: Fred Scruton 

Making the American Flag -  Photo by: Fred Scruton

Thank You to Fred Scruton for the photos. Mr. Scruton is a professor and spends his summers traveling the country and photographing some of the folks he happens upon. More of his photos can been seen at .

Fishing Bopper (above) Catepillar (below)

 Spider (below)

Pool Table - Photo by: Fred Scruton 

 Lighted Cross at dusk - Photo by: Fred Scruton

 First Tour Group, May 19th, 2009 (above)      Mouse (below) 

 Stop Sign (below)