Chris Barbee-The Bowling Ball Man


Bowling Balls Collected from Different States and 'Specials'

 If you have an idea for a project please send an email, text or postcard! email:  text at: 918-559-9017. Correspondence can be sent to:

Chris Barbee    Rt. 2 Box 281,     Nowata, OK  74048

Carol Barbee liked roses. Wanting to decorate her rose bed, Chris brought Carol some gazing balls. But these gazing balls were quite durable and could withstand an Oklahoma storm, because they were actually old bowling balls.

After Carol's death in 1997, Chris wanted to keep her memory alive and decided to make something with the bowling balls that she liked. This started Chris' first project; the bowling ball fence along the road. Then came the alphabet. The whole thing took on a life of its own; Chris became known as the 'Bowling Ball Man.'

Chris has had friends and family members that help collect materials and come up with ideas for projects. Many others have donated bowling balls, bowling pins, old trophys, towels from different bowling alleys and funds to purchase material to build some of the creations he has made.

Any donation of items or ideas for new projects are appreciated. Material can be dropped off in the yard. ("Just kick 'em out- I'll find 'em!)

Chris also has set aside bowling balls collected from other states or 'special' bowling balls. He currently has Star Wars, Scooby Doo, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Garfield & Odie, Cartoon Network, Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma, and NASCAR bowling balls. Hand painted artwork by Joseph Phillips graces a bowling ball and pin from Coffeyville, KS. 

20 states are also currently represented. If you'd like your state represented, bring a ball on your visit (or send one)-be sure to paint your name and state on it- and it will join the 'specials.' You are also welcome to dedicate a ball in memory of someone. Paint their name and information on the ball, and it will be displayed for all to see. So far, the states of Okla-Kan-Tex-Missouri-Ark-Missippi-Alabama-Georgia-Tenn-Minnesota-Michigan-Pennsylvania-New Mexico-New York- Nebraska-Iowa-Arizona-Alaska-Flordia & Colorado are represented.

Post cards, Christmas cards and other correspondence or items are welcome, but  please, no C.O.D items. Chris is retired and on a fixed budget.  

 Click above link for video from News Channel 6 KOTV from Tulsa, OK